No one understands.
No one “gets it”.
When you try to talk, they give you ideas but it’s not helpful.
Everything sounds good in “theory” but no one accounts for real life.
How can you possibly do it all?
You feel defeated but are not ready to give up.

You need practical strategy.
You need a place to put all your ideas and a clear path to take them.
…with someone – not just another “thing” to add to your already full plate.
You need someone who knows.
You need someone who gets it,  who gets YOU*
You need someone who can help you focus.
You need someone to kick your ass.
and someone to pick you back up.

You need someone who cares as much as you do. 


I was were you are.
You’re exhausted.  and stuck.  and believe you were made for so much more than what youre doing now.  i know.  and i hear you. 

VALKYRIE is my 90 day 1 to 1 mentorship.
the only agenda i have is you and the only track we have is fast.

we’re going to focus on, what i think are the 4 core components to your success.
PURPOSE.  MARKETING.  COMMUNITY.  and FUN.  and we do that through but not limited to

  • 12 – 50minute coaching calls
  • M-F email support
  • self discovery in purpose and mission
  • crafting marketing campaigns
  • begin to sell confidently and learn my techniques
  • master organic relationship building
  • plenty of encouragement and inspiration.
  • unlimited feedback
  • custom game plans + checklist
  • space for brainstorming
  • social media/copy write critique w revisions
  • defining success and working through goals
  • brainstorming new ideas and overall strategy 
  • growing social media platforms
  • authentically using your voice to leverage your brand
  • changing limiting beliefs and giving a mindset for success

    – payment arrangements available upon request.

To be considered for this program, you must have completed my totally free 1 to 1 – 37 minute consultation session “i hear you”
secure your appointment here.