you just do.

before my children started arriving in rapid succession i asked my mother in law, who i admire greatly, “how did you do it?”

i was scared and i had idea how i was “going to do it”.

she had 5 children.  while establishing her medical career as a doctor.  running her household.  managed to make homemade halloween costumes.  she was always the first to get up and the last to go to bed.  you know, a real super mom?

i was waiting for a profound piece of a wisdom.  something that would carry me.  that i could cling to.

“how do you do it?”
and she responded “i dont know, you just do”.

that was it?  that was the best she could come with?  i couldnt help but feel disappointed.  i was looking and hoping for something so much more profound, than that.

photo captured by family photographer Chelsea at

then all the children came.  and everyone started calling me “super mom” – saying things like “i dont know how you do it!” – then asking me “how do you do it?!”  it would make me uncomfortable.  i had no profound strength.  or strategy.  i just did it.

and the wisdom of my mother in law would echo, “i dont know, you just do.”

maybe that might be where you are.  it’s so hard to see your path bc you see the vision but the practical steps dont exist, so you never start.

but that is the single worst thing you can do.   the way is created while you’re on the way.   new things always feel strange bc by their very nature they dont exist yet.  you just gotta go and you will do.  you will gain the clarity through your action.  and through that strength, will pave the way to your vision.



the undervalued concept of joy

when you make a decision.  do you ever ask yourself, does this bring me “joy”?

the question was asked of me recently.  do i use joy as a tool to make decisions?
uh.  no?

i thought we made decisions based off of CONVENIENCE (how far did the apple fall)
or decisions based off of MONEY (how much money are we talking)
or decisions based off of NECESSITY (which most of our needs arent needs just conditioned responses)
and most definitely PAIN LEVEL (how uncomfortable does this make me)

well.  i have made a lot of choices in my life like this.  all i thought were good choices.  choices that i loved, choices that i was good at.  or good for my family.  and not until recently did i ask myself why when i have so many good awesome things in my life, do i still feel so “BLAH!?!”

// i couldn’t figure it out.  i was filled but not fulfilled.

i started this online community of dreamers, doers, and i dont know-ers.  and one of them, my friend, during this discussion said there comes a point where you realize everything you did, if you were good at it or simply just capable – was serving someone or something else and it was never about your own joy.  yes sure technically you had a choice, but one you never considered joy as a priority – so it ends up feeling like no choice at all.  it eventually feels mediocre, or in my case “blah”.

this is why there is no greater weapon we possess than a joyful spirit.  i believe when we make decisions based on joy – it’s the foundation for everything else that is good.  it naturally will bring a spirit of fulfillment.  you will begin to en*joy your life and live lifes’ highest joyful purpose.

it sounds crazy.  like really?  all i have to do is cultivate joyfulness?
try it.  i did for 2 days and i was surprised how many choices i was doing that weren’t giving me joy, and the things that gave me joy would clench my heart and propel me forward in a new profound sense of purpose.

for example, i love sitting together and eating a real meal with my family – it brings me joy.  my previous choice around dinner time has been based around CONVENIENCE (can i get this done in 10 minutes and people sit down when they’re ready).

another example, it was cuddling my children before bed – like a real hug where i wrap them in my arms and squeeze and tell them they are awesome and we laugh.  and i wanna cry.  rather than before when i was putting them to bed outta NECESSITY rushing to tuck them in so i could be alone and get work down.  that didnt bring me joy.

it was putting on my favorite earrings and necklace, for no other reason than they were pretty (sometimes your choice doesnt need a reason other than joy).

it was greeting my husband when he came home from work and giving him a hug (rather than CONVENIENCE – i can’t get up right now).

see?  try it.  use joy as a tool to make decisions and watch how your choices become real empowering choices and go from being “filled” to truly fulfilled.

shawna beckmann

3 ingredient DIY facemask!

Hi!  I’m Heather Marie.  I met Shawna in 2010 while her husband and I were in grad school together.  Her friendship has been a stabilizing force in my life ever since—even during those times of distance and when the busyness of life that keeps us from keeping up with people as much as we would like/need to.


I joined Shawna’s “prettyawesome team” and have received her coaching to start my own clothing boutique.  It challenges me daily to be my best and to stretch myself, take risks, and live life to the fullest.

I’m so excited to share one of my favorite  recipes for the most divine face mask you’ve ever tried.  It’s super simple (only 3 ingredients!), smells heavenly (it even tastes good so if doesn’t matter if you accidentally get some in your mouth—it’s happened to all of us!), and works wonders to soothe your skin, senses, and spirit.

  • 2 tablespoons of honey (raw, not pasteurized)
  • ~3 tablespoons of cinnamon
  • ~2 tablespoons of nutmeg

Mix it all together and you have a recipe for the most divine, soothing, skin-perfecting face mask on the face of the planet. Spread that amazing mixture all over your face and then sit back and relax for 30min to an hour…amazing. (Some people like to leave this on over night, in which case you can stick some strips of toilet paper/tissues to your face so the honey doesn’t get all over everything)

This is my little soothing ritual of PrettyAwesome:

  1. Wash my face with cleanser
  2. Follow that up with a nice little exfoliating sugar scrub (don’t do this daily —every 2–3 days is plenty). This is just a simple blend of granulated sugar and brown sugar; pour a little onto your fingertips add a touch of water and gently massage it around your face…niiiice
  3. Now that my face is all clean and my pores are nice and open, I slather the honey mask all over the place (yes, it is messy but so worth it)
  4. Finally, I brew myself a little mug of tea, usually lavender-chamomile or some other soothing brew and sit back with a book and settle down for the night
  5. 30min to an hour later I rinse it off with warm water and follow that up with a splash or two of cold water to close up my pores for the night

NOTE: I would test this on an inconspicuous area before covering your face with it. Some people can have a reaction to one or all of the ingredients.

This particular recipe is great for soothing acne-prone/scarred skin.

I’m a huge fan.

There are all kinds of recipes you can use for different needs you might have. One article that has some good stuff is this one if you’re interested in trying something else. You can put oatmeal in it, eggs, lemon, depending on what your facial needs are.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and find some time to Treat Yo’ Self with this PrettyAwesome face mask.

Remember to Find Joy in the Little Things.

~Heather Marie

lularoe mae

Have you met MAE?
She is LULAROE’s newest addition and is available in kids sizes 2T, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.  She will be available in my boutique starting August 11th, 2016.

She is really really cute!  It’s a simple, flirty, fun dress that can easily be worn everyday.  It features a hidden elastic waistband and glorious pockets!


If your girlie is in between sizes, I recommend going up one because the elastic can kind of pull up the dress past the knees.  You can still work with the regular size than you might prefer it more as a tunic – super easy to add a pair of leggings for the colder weather.


The back is slightly longer by about 2 inches.


My oldest daughter said her favorite thing about LULAROE MAE is “the decorations”.


LULAROE continues to make limited edition prints, so once a print has made its’ way through circulation, you may never see that print again.  I love that.  I love being able to help them pick prints that capture their personality.

If your want your own personal shopping day or private popup party contact our shop!  Or join us online for our weekly inventory posting!

* you are more than welcome to share this link but you do not have rights to use or manipulate my photos in any manner.

the beginning

13882200_932933803498962_4204188030862692435_nhello!  welcome!  I’m glad youre here.  but truthfully I wasn’t at first and would have told you to stay right where you are.

I’m loyal.  and being uprooted from my home in Minnesota…  where I lived my whole life.  met my husband at a high school football game, got married in his parents Minnesota backyard, where I’d go to school and graduate from the University of Minnesota, we’d buy our first house there, have 2 baby girls there, and buy our Newfoundland from  way up in “du norf” country… I didn’t want anything else but what I already loved.

So the ride here has been filled with challenge and so much frustration.

My husband took our family from our Midwest roots and planted us in Connecticut.  I barely could pick it out from a map,  Ive never been past Michigan.  Why would I?!  But we did, not knowing a single soul.  Oh yah, I was 60 days out to give birth with our 3rd child in less than 4 years.

I heard once that, success is buried right under the doorstep of frustration.  So in the midst of feeling and living like a crazy person -I had this idea.  I’m going to buy 300 pieces of clothes and start a selling them in our 700 sq foot apartment so I can hire a cleaning lady and buy some fancy kitchen knifes.

That idea turned into reality very quickly, like in 60 days.  Then within 7 months it would turn into a life changing dream for our family.

My kids’ closet became “be pretty awesome” – clothing boutique and we were able to move into a home after 2 years in our teeny space and the last 7 years from living from one dumpy location to the next.

I’m thrilled to be here.  I’m happy this is a new beginning for us.  and I can’t wait to show you my journey and share the future of “be pretty awesome” – clothing boutique.