you ever feel like you can’t catch a break?
that’s sorta how id sum up my entire life.  but the highlights….

16 year old mom and run away dad.
surrogate dad with 5th grade level education, who’d also later run away.
growing up wed sell our stuff at the local pawn shop and live between rentals.
my baby sister would suffer a tragic car accident
and i would have ovarian cancer before 21.

and 3 months later get married.
then we’d have 4 children within 5 years.
while relocating 1300 miles away from home.
and you know what was a saving force in my life?

i would start babysitting and i saved enough money to buy a “starters jacket” but really wanted a “bug”.

and early on i realized that work is a reflection of who we are.. and without any “natural knack” or family savings, work became an incredible creative outlet for me when i felt good at nothing.

work also became a place where i could be results driven.  and get what i wanted, when i put in the work.  it tested, staminaand i had a lot of that.

so i took that creativity and the drive to want it all, while keeping the wisdom to know none of it mattered, to build businesses and help visionaries to do the same.

i am shawna.  nice to meet you fellow visionary, your “break”through is coming.